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Every college has those few young souls with an entrepreneurial itch. The ones who venture out, the ones who dream of creating something. Unfortunately, most colleges lack the support systems to turn these ventures successful. Most college forums don’t expose students to the realities of the business world. Also, there are no platforms which enable them to put forward their entrepreneurial ideas. In case a student comes up with an idea, he or she may not find a partner with similar aspirations to make progress.

The YE Stack MasterMinds Club at colleges aims to carry out regular sessions to expose students to realities of the business world through shared learning sessions involving a wide network of serial entrepreneurs and experienced businessmen.

It involves imbibing the students with fundamental deep principles of business and enables them to indulge in the value creation process while still in college. The club also opens up an opportunity for the students to work in an action-oriented environment, giving them a taste of an entrepreneur's journey. This also helps them understand how they fare, allowing them to apply these learnings to improve their judgment making/judgement ability. Besides, the club creates a talent pool wherein these young entrepreneurs can find their co-founders.

YE Stack MasterMinds Club is already active in colleges across Kerala, including Govt. Model Engineering College Kochi, NIT Calicut and IIT Palakkad.

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