Our Initiatives

We believe that there is a lot more potential out there, many young souls who dream about creating something, who often fumble with respect to directions and decisions. To enable them into successful entrepreneurship, we have started the following initiatives:

Board Room

YE Stack Core

1 MasterMind, 1 Vision, 1 Future

The core team comprises people pursuing different economic contexts/ business units in an entrepreneurial capacity, within a collective learning platform. It is built on the foundation of deep business principles and value-driven business models.

Working with Technology


Passion Meets Progression

BuildStack enables passionate student techies from the colleges to pursue and progress their technological skills. It is an action-oriented environment in place to support the creation of value through technology.

College Clubs

YE Stack Clubs In Colleges

Build A Great Company While In College

The YE Stack MasterMinds Club at colleges aims to carry out regular sessions to expose students to realities of the business world through shared learning sessions involving a wide network of serial entrepreneurs and experienced businessmen.


YE Stack Interns

YE Stack offers internships for students as well as aspiring professionals/ entrepreneurs to spend some time in any of the YE Stack companies and gain valuable insights. During the process the person will experience transformational understanding on what he wants to do, what are his skills and where he would fit in.

Community Meeting

Friends In YE Stack (FiY)

FiY is  a weekly meeting amongst all YE Stack members and would be the core activity that will maintain the glue amongst all YEStackians. FiY will be an open session and is a window for new members to experience how YE Stack works and how they can be a part of it. 


Peer Board

Peer Board is a formal structure that is present  for all YE Stack Business Units. They would consist of 2-3 non-BU YE's who would have more visibility into a BU. They act as the eyes and ears of YE Stack to be ensure that each BU is progressing as per our broad guidelines and agreed YE Stack value systems

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