Our Vision

YE Stack aims to provide a platform for every aspiring entrepreneur like you to take a shot at this beautiful journey called entrepreneurship as early as possible in your life. While you are on campus, just 1- 2 years, out of campus, or after a few years of soul searching by yourself.

Entrepreneurship lets you dwell into the world of creation, unleash your true potential and make an impact on your way all the while becoming a better version of yourself.

It makes you capable of choosing the life that you want to lead, the roles you want to play in the story that you have chosen to weave. What more could someone ask from a career?


Our Journey So Far

It’s been three years since the journey began. YE Stack started in an attempt to guide and mentor young entrepreneurs. Often, young entrepreneurs get perplexed and lose themselves to the complexity of the business world. However, with proper guidance, not only can their best ideas succeed, but it can also thrive in the long run.

YE Stack started off with two entrepreneurs who are today successfully running their individual business pursuits. Witnessing their journey and growth, a few more young entrepreneurs stepped forward to adopt this way of life.

Today, we are a team of 12 entrepreneurs, each running their individual business pursuits grounded on the deep principles and value systems formulated by YE Stack. After observing the phenomenal results from this collaborative learning environment we decided to take it further. 

Message From Our Founder


Do you have a Dream to pursue something?  If not would you like to learn how to dream?

Does this interest you? Would you like to know more on what it means?

Do you want to enjoy the journey? The process and the results?

Would you like to join a group of people who has started travelling a bit earlier than you. Would you like to learn from them? Would you enjoy an environment that pushes you to reach your goals?

Would you like to improve yourself every single day so that you are one step closer to your dream?

We are learning from each other, from the good and bad, trying to find out what's working and what's not.

What makes an Entrepreneur? Can we make one? Can we accelerate the journey a bit?

We strive to work better, work better, learn better, innovate better, dream better and what we have learnt over the years is that every new member who believes in this, makes us a better version.

We are far from the best, but we do thrive to be so :)

Get to know our culture a bit, talk to one of us who have spent some time in the environment. Get to know what's involved. Did that help them?

You could just try it out? Join one of our clubs, intern in one of our group initiatives, help us a bit in reaching more people.

We are simple people to deal with, no rigid structures, no rigid procedures. We expect only one thing from each of our team members, a deep desire to be the best version of themselves and an attitude to be that at any cost.

Looking forward to seeing you realising your dreams

If you can see yourself benefitting from this environment, do give us a shout in any way that's comfortable for you. Or pick up the phone and talk to one of our current members.

Arun Antony

About Arun

Arun Antony

Arun Antony has been a serial entrepreneur since 2009 and has been an avid advocate of Frugal Entrepreneurship since then. He is the Managing Director of 'Transform Global Holdings' that has business interests in multiple industries including Property, Technology, Construction, Finishing, Retail & Farming.

With a dream to empower aspiring young entrepreneurs, Arun founded the Young Entrepreneur Stack in 2017 and has been shaping Young minds through several initiatives of YE Stack. Build Stack was launched in 2019 to introduce curious young minds to the world of technological problem solving through a combination of a 'Community and Platform' approach .

Arun holds a masters degree in Business Management from XLRI Jamshedpur and holds a B.Tech degree from Model Engineering College, Kochi. Prior to his entrepreneurial journey he has had an international career in Finance & Technology while working for large MNCs. Outside of his business interests, Arun's thoughts are deeply influenced by principles advocated by several schools of Indian Philosophy and he is a firm believer in Classical Ayurveda.

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